Mapeera Nabunnya Pilgrimage Center

Mapeera and Amans monthly Mass at Nabulagala at 6.00pm and Namugongo at 5.00pm

Mapeera and Amans monthly Mass at Nabulagala at 6.00pm and Namugongo at 5.00pm

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01 September Closed

: World Day of prayer for the Care of Creation (Vatican) (1912) Mgr John Biermans ordained bishop. He succeeded Bp. Henry Hanlon for Upper Nile Vicariate.

05 September Closed

: (1997) Death of Mother Teresa of Calcutta and was buried on the 13th of the same month. She was declared blessed on 19th October 2003 by Pope John Paul II and was canonised a Saint in St. Peter’s Square in Rome by Pope Francis on 4th September 2016. Her Feast Day was fixed on her death date. Mother Teresa visited Uganda in 1988. : International Day of Charity

06 September Closed

: (1895) Arrival of Bishop Henry Hanlon in Uganda and the first group of the Mill Hill Missionaries. Kabaka Mwanga gave them Nsambya Hill.

08 September Closed

: Feast of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary Opening of the first novitiate of the Missionary Sisters of our Lady of Africa (White Sisters) in Algiers. These were the first female religious to arrive in Uganda in 1899. : International Literacy Day :(2018) The Conclusion of the Diocesan Inquiry on the lives of the Servants of God Mapeera and Amans. Celebration at Mapeera Nabulagala Parish; Mass starting at 10.00am

10 September Closed

: (1888) Kiweewa enthroned to replace Mwanga.

12 September Closed

: Feast (optional) of the Most Holy Name of Mary : Mapeera and Amans monthly Mass at Nabunnya Pilgrimage Centre, 5.30pm

14 September Closed

: (1889) Exaltation of the Cross. The Protestant missionaries Revs. Gordon, Walker and Mr. Stokes and the Catholic missionaries, Fr. Simeon Lourdel Mapeera and Fr. Denoit Camille arrived at Bulingugwe Islands from Tanganyika. The Catholics dedicated this temporary mission post to St. Joseph. When Mapeera left this island to return to Kampala in February 1890, Kabaka Mwanga gave them land at Nabunnya where they founded their mission post.

15 September Closed

: Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows. In 1886, Fr. Simeon Lourdel Mapeera, at Munyonyo, entrusted the future Uganda Martyrs to Mother Mary of the Seven Sorrows. : International Day of Democracy

17 September Closed

: Mapeera and Amans monthly Mass at Nabulagala and Namugongo at 6.00pm

19 September Closed

: (2012) Archbishop John Baptist Odama received a “World Vision Peace Award” in recognition and appreciation of his advocacy for peace and human rights promotion in Northern Uganda.

12 September Closed

: Feast of St. Mathew, Apostle and Evangelist : (1972) Benedict Kiwanuka, chief justice, was abducted from the high court by men of the State Research Bureau and killed. He is believed by many to be a ‘martyr of truth and justice’! : International Day of Peace