Mapeera Nabunnya Pilgrimage Center

: Priestly ordination, Kampala Archdiocese at Lubaga Cathedral

11 August

: Priestly ordination, Kampala Archdiocese at Lubaga Cathedral

: Priestly ordination, Kampala Archdiocese at Lubaga Cathedral

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01 August Closed

: (1888) Kabaka Mwanga was dethroned and replaced by Kiweewa. : (1969) Pope Paul VI ordained twelve bishops at Kololo, among them four Ugandans, namely Albert Baharagate (Hoima), John Baptists Kakubi (Mbarara), Barnabas Halem’Imana (Kabale) and Serapio Bwemi Magambo (Auxiliary-Fort Portal).

02 August Closed

: (1969) Pope Paul VI pilgrimage to Namugongo. He consecrated the Altar which was placed at the exact place where St. Charles Lwanga was executed.

03 August Closed

: (1910) Burial of Kabaka Mwanga at Kasubi Royal Tombs. He died in May 1903 in Seychelles.

04 August Closed

: Priestly Ordinations – Masaka and Kiyinda Mityana

05 August Closed

: (1966) Creation of Kampala Archdiocese covering the whole of Buganda with the exception of Masaka (Buddu). Mgr Emmanuel K. Nsubuga was appointed its first Archbishop. : (1966) Creation of Jinja Diocese with Mgr J. Wiertz as Apostolic Administrator. : Priestly ordination, Masaka Diocese at Kitovu Cathedral

08 August Closed

: (1896) Birth of Daudi Chwa II at Mengo. He was the son of King Mwanga II and Evelyn Kulabako Maasombira. He was enthroned on 14th August 1897 at the age of one year to replace his father who had rebelled against the British; full kabakaship started on the 5th August 1914. He reigned from 1897-1939. He was the 34th king in the lineage of Kintu. He was the first reigning King of Buganda to openly declare himself as a 'practicing' Christian. He was succeeded by his son Muteesa II.

11 August Closed

: Priestly ordination, Kampala Archdiocese at Lubaga Cathedral

12 August Closed

: Masaka-St. Bruno Sserunkuuma Parish: Official Opening of the Office for the promotion of the cause of the beatification of Mapeera and Amans. Mass starts at 10.00am. Main celebrant, Rt. Rev. John Baptist Kaggwa, bishop of Masaka.

14 August Closed

: (1912) Pope Pius X declared the Uganda Martyrs ‘Venerables’

15 August Closed

: Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. : (1897) Episcopal ordination of Mgr Henri Streicher (Stenseera) at Bukumbi (Tanganyika).

17 August Closed

: Mapeera and Amans monthly Mass at Nabulagala and Namugongo, 6.00pm

18 August Closed

: (1937) Death of Mgr Henry Hanlon (MHM) at Freshfield, England. He was the first Vicar Apostolic of Upper Nile Vicariate (1894-1911). The seat was at Nsambya. : *Priestly ordination, Kasana-Luweero

21 August Ongoing

: (1981) Creation of Kiyinda-Mityana Diocese from Kampala Archdiocese