Mapeera Nabunnya Pilgrimage Center

About us

Mapeera-Nabunnya Pilgrimage Centre (MNPC) was officially inaugurated by the Vicar General of Kampala, Mgr Charles Kasibante, on the 20th December 2015. The event coincided with the 162nd birthday anniversary of the Apostle of Uganda, Fr. Simeon Lourdel Mapeera.

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Objectives of the Centre

  • The beatification of the pioneer Catholic Missionaries in Uganda, Fr. Simeon Lourdel Mapeera and Bro. Amans Delmas.
  • To make these missionaries and their spiritual sons, the Uganda Martyrs, more known, loved and taken as models of Christian commitment.
  • To make known the history of the Catholic Church in Uganda as a source of inspiration for Christian witness today.
  • To spread the Glory of God and to build His Kingdom.


  • TOrganise seminars and workshops the life and works of Mapeera, Amans, the Uganda Martyrs and the history of the Catholic Church in Uganda.
  • Make available to the public writings and other articles (e.g., photos, badges, stickers, T-Shirts, etc.), about Mapeera, Amans, the Uganda Martyrs and the history of the Catholic Church in Uganda.
  • Run a library focusing on the same above subjects.
  • Prepare special prayers, novenas, retreats and pilgrimages in the course of the year related to the life of Mapeera, Amans and the Uganda Martyrs.
  • Organise pilgrimages to key places linked to Mapeera, Amans and the Uganda Martyrs.

Motto of the Centre: "For the Glory of God and His Kingdom"

News & Events

01 November Closed

: All Saints Day : (1885) Baptism of Noah Mawaggali and John Mary Muzeeyi by Fr. Lourdel at Nalukolongo.

02 November Closed

: All Souls Day

05 November Closed

: (1914) Remembrance of the Birth Day of Emmanuel Cardinal Kiwanuka Nsubuga. He was a great lover of the Pioneer Missionaries and in a special way a devotee to Fr. Simeon Lourdel Mapeera. He initiated the inquiry for the latter’s beatification in 1987.

06 November Closed

: Novena leading to the day of Martyrdom of Joseph Mukasa Balikuddembe.

11 November Closed

: (1922) Death anniversary of Mgr. Leo Livinhac, first bishop of Uganda. He died in Algiers. His remains were brought to Uganda in 1975 and buried at Nabulagala on 6th March 2011.

12 November Closed

: Mapeera and Amans monthly Mass at Nabunnya Pilgrimage Centre, 5.30pm

15 November Closed

: (1885) Martyrdom of Joseph Mukasa Balikuddembe at Nakivubo. : (1885) Baptism of Charles Lwanga, James Buuzabalyawo and Bruno Sserunkuuma by Fr. Pierre Giraud at Nalukolongo.

16 November Closed

: (1885) Baptism of Denis Ssebuggwawo, Athanasius Bazzekuketta, Gonzaga Gonza, Ambrose Kibuuka, Anatole Kirigwajjo, Achilles Kiwanuka and Adolophus Mukasa Ludigo. They were baptised by Pere Mapeera at Nalukolongo.

17 November Closed

: (1885) Baptism of Pontian Ngondwe by Fr. Pierre Giraud at Nalukolongo. : Mapeera and Amans monthly Mass at Nabulagala & Namugongo, 6.00pm.

18 November Closed

: Symposium on Cardinal Charles Lavigerie at Sharing Youth Centre, Nsambya, starting at 9.00am. Theme: Cardinal Lavigerie’s Passion for Africa. A Challenge for Missionary Zeal Today. This is one of the activities in preparation for the 150th anniversary of the foundation of the White Fathers (1868) and White Sisters (1869).

19 November Closed

: Lugazi Diocesan Day. Pilgrimage to Bulimu, Kyaggwe, birth place of St. Pontian Ngondwe, Patron Saint of the Diocese.

21 November Closed

: (1969) Death of Kabaka Muteesa II in London.

22 November Closed

: (1981) Episcopal Ordination of Mgr Emmanuel Wamala.